Tips on Using Excel

19 Jun

 You are supposed to make sure you are taking advantage of the great work functions that the Microsoft excel usually has in a company.  A high number of companies today are greatly benefiting from the use of this service. This is why you must make sure you learn more skills in excel if you want to be efficient in your work.  You should understand that the use of excel is something very simple that only needs a few hours of study, check here.  You have to have a deep understanding of excel if you want to use it well. There are several shortcuts you can use when you are using excel.  You should take note from the guide below on the usage of excel.

You should first make sure you have an excel software that is running perfectly. You are supposed to download the Microsoft excel software and install it in your computer.  The only way you can have the excel software running perfectly is by making sure you have configured it well in your computer.  You can access all the features of excel the moment you install it fully.  A high number of the features in excel are simplified and hence you can use without much stress.  You are supposed to learn the best shortcuts to using excel.  You are supposed to check the following tricks to use in excel. 

You are supposed to understand how you can autofill in excel and you can read more now.  For repeating numbers in excel, you are supposed to make sure you use excel.  When assigning numbers to a list of items, the Autofill feature will be useful. Excel has an autofill feature that will recognize the pattern and complete the rest of the work for you just like it is described here.  Excel also has a drop-down option where you can have different items, also click.  You should highlight the cells that you need to have in the drop-down selection. You should then click on the Data tab and then proceed to the data validation icon.

 The last thing you should understand is the freeze functionality of excel that you can use.  You are supposed to use the freeze option when you are dealing with tables in excel.  You have to understand what you can do to freeze the rest of the columns of a table except the first one which is frozen automatically.  You should, therefore, know how you can use the Freeze pane feature to do this. You should go to the view option in the excel software and you will find the Freeze pane option.  You can only use the Freeze pane property after you have selected the column to be frozen.

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